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How To 'Instantly' Turn Your Life Into A Country Music Song
Another Blog from Sharyn Bovat aka 'The NISSAN Whistleblower'
aka The Girl in the Black Honda: Sorry Silverman :):)

This blog is dedicated to a lady I met at a cocktail party in Manhattan: 
Cindy Adam's Your a Genius :):)

Years ago Sonny Bono told me “you don’t have to

know how to sing to be a rock star”

                            Arianna Huffington remember me?


If you thought www.sorrysilverman.com was controversial.  Ya'll ain't seen nothing yet. 

I'm gonna rant about Nashville politicians, celebrities, judges & business leaders.

Good Ole Boys in Tennessee my arsenal of HOT topics is "fully loaded" people

that want a better society want the TRUTH to be told. 

If the Tennessean won't write about corruption then I will,

New Strategy to Get NISSAN to Treat the Whistleblower with RESPECT: 


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