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Tennessee Let's Define the Word CORRUPTION

In the summer of 2011 Sharyn Bovat spoke to Sal Polisi  about corruption in Tennessee: This man knows "right from wrong" he learned by doing "hard"
time.  After his 3rd felony he 
"ratted" out John Gotti & went into witness protection after he helped the feds. Sal says he's reformed leads an honorable
life he loves his family & the Lord

Now he's a screen writer in Hollywood.  

I want Sal to come to Tennessee and "educate"
ya'll on the definition of corruption.  

He said YES he'll come the only thing he wants is a "hot girl" to have dinner with him.   Anyone have a daughter? 

Sal Polisi was a member of a "few" families in NYC including the Gambino family.  Oddly  members of the mafia knew some of the underground D'Amato people that were connected to Sal Russo & I helped people that were connected to him...Wow!!!    Sal Russo is considered the King of the Tea Party.  I  can say that he's a genius and someone to respect.  Back to the issue of politics and the mafia:

Could ethical politicians mix with members of a corrupt society?  

The answer:     YES!

Former US Senator Alfonse D'Amato had been "vetted" by the press and it's proven on "ethics issues" he's clean.  In fact MOST Italian politicans are "Law and Order" types. 

One of the NISSAN Whistleblowers hero's is Rudy Giuliani
& unlike some from that republican Law & Order "cast" the NYC Italian politicans confront issues "head on" & didn't sweep issues under the carpet. 

Bovat learned from Sonny Bono that Vanderbilt's own Bill Lacy tried to "earn his keep" to become accepted in the "predicted" RNC's Heir's Lair....  Lacy didn't expect a Mississippi man to "pounce" thus taking away his Grand Poobah status as the GOP's Southern Guru. 

Time has proved that Lacy and his "man" were NOT part of the Good Ole Boy family that took control of the RNC in 1994.   The dynasty that deemed winners and losers made those that were not "team players" marked men.     

In 1992 while enjoying a taco back stage at the RNC convention Sharyn Bovat was told to be a "team player" by former President Gerald Ford:  The problem with Bovat is nobody told her "what team she was playing on".  For years she was used by many as a tool to gather information for MANY different reasons.  Sharyn learned to give a "non biased" view point and she always told the "truth" based on her experince and conversations.  Her opinion was "valued" until the Mississippi man deemed "political correctness" as a weapon.   It turned out after 1993 a "different" Heir controlled the Lair.  

Earlier backstage at the RNC convention in Houston Bovat knew that trailers were "set up" for a reason. She did not know at the time that she had front row seats to the "battle for the heart of the party" and the ONLY two that had a chance at holding the torch were brothers that were "going at it".  Later I was told that their daddy wanted his boys to duke it out at a "family event".  

How many families call an RNC convention a "family event".   

In 2012 I HOPE I get good seats in Tampa.  This time as a blogger :):)   

Fun Fact:  At a Republican Governor's Conference in Park City Utah Sharyn Bovat was called an Amoeba by a top staffer of "presidential wanna be" and Massachusetts Governor William Weld.   Bovat "was" a credible research worker.  


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